Indian Heritage and Culture

This section is divided into four sub-sections. None of this is meant to be a definite treatise on any subject. It is to just provide a starting point to Indian history, beliefs and concepts. I hope it will provide  parents a basis of discussions on these subjects with their kids and get them interested in our culture. This is a work in progress and will be expanded continuously.

History covers ancient history, prehistory till about 1000 AD. This part of the history is less known. Also, it helps to understand the roots of Indian heritage and culture. There are some articles on daily life in ancient India, which are specifically meant for kids.

The section on heritage includes various Hindu beliefs, some of the common ceremonies and a discussion on religious literature. Mythology section ties to this and has a basic introduction to Hindu mythology.

The art section explores origin and history of Indian music, classical dance and theatre. There is also a little bit about ancient sculpture and literature.

The resource section is a good place to start if you want to get deeper into any of these areas. There are also some great links for kids that parents and kids should definitely check out.

I will look forward to comments and suggestions from you on how I can improve and expand this section.

Ancient Indian History

Culture & Concepts

Beliefs | Ceremonies |

Religious Texts

Hindu Mythology

Art and Literature

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