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sudarshan narasimhan

Sudarshan's Home Page

Sudarshan's Home Page

Sudarshan's Home Page

Hi, My name is Sudarshan Aditya Narasimhan. Welcome to my website. I do lot of things, like soccer, Tae Kwon Do, tennis. I am also a budding photographer. Of course, I love video games! By the way, my brother Partha has a very cool website. Visit his website also (Partha's Homepage).

I am learning classical music and I also like to sing Hindi songs. Here is a sample of my songs. I will be adding more soon. Click on the links below to listen.




More music from me and my family here.

In my website, I have lot of albums. Have fun looking through them.

bulletMy trip to England

bulletPictures I took

bulletMany faces of Sudarshan


Click here for all albums

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